minicardio e analisi spettrale variabilità cardiaca (HRV)

Hosand‘s method is essential for monitoring changes in an athlete’s general condition and enabling the trainer to accurately balance the training load of the athletes.

One of the possible variables that affects the athlete’s general condition is physical activity. With Hosand Recovery Valuation (HRV), it is possible to check the status of recovery, for example, the day after an intense workout or competition.

Hosand Recovery Valuation highlights personal response through a simple test at rest.

The test takes place over a few minutes. Moreover, the trainer has the option to perform the test directly or deliver the MINIcardio Pro to the athletes. The athletes will then be able to carry it out in the comfort of their home and download the data later or send data directly from their PC.

Once the data have been downloaded into the computer, simply indicate the moment in which the test began by clicking directly on the track: the software will perform the analysis of the data, presenting it in an easy-to-read graph.

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