Who we are

Hosand –Technologies for sport

Hosand Technologies is a company that deals with the development of technological products dedicated to the universe of health and physical fitness.

Founded in Verbania in 2002 by Raffaele Fasoli, Hosand Technologies has become in just a few years a reality known and appreciated by the most important football and cycling teams, sports medicine and rehabilitation centers, beauty institutes, and fitness clubs.

Hosand Technologies’ corporate goal is to develop tools that aid professionals who work in the field of wellness, to improve people’s physical performance, and to provide them with the correct equipment to measure physiological parameters in a precise and punctual way.

Thanks to a constant commitment to research and investments in know-how, Hosand Technologies has been able to offer high-quality equipment, extremely reliable, technologically cutting-edge, easy to use and created respecting and protecting health.

Hosand Technologies’ core business is equipment capable of monitoring the heart rate of multiple people via telemetry. These are pieces of equipment that have contributed to the reputation and prestige of Made in Italy throughout the world. As in Formula 1, a system of sensors monitors the efficiency of the single-seater by communicating its parameters to the pits in real-time during the race; so even sports professionals, thanks to Hosand telemetry, have access to cutting-edge tools that measure people’s heart rate in “real-time“. The precise and timely monitoring of parameters allows the professional operator to personalize the training of individuals, setting the work program based on the person’s physiological and metabolic characteristics and the objectives they want to achieve.

The BodyMetrix adipometer, an ultrasound instrument that measures the thickness of the adipose layer precisely and quickly, and the Minicardio, the only heart rate monitor without a chest strap, are proof of Hosand’s vocation for offering innovative and technologically cutting-edge products.