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Adipometry is a methodology that allows an objective measurement of subcutaneous tissues (adipose and muscle tissue) anywhere in the body, both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective using ultrasound technology.

The resulting data are accurate to the tenth of a millimeter.

esempio stratigrafia

Moving the Hosand’s Adipometer BX2000 onto the chosen measurement area, it generates a map of the underlying tissues (stratigraphy). Through stratigraphy, it is possible to:

  • Provide a measurement in millimeters for adipose tissue. This one can be divided into:

    – Dermis (SAT, Superficial Adipose Tissue) which is an essential layer of adipose tissue.
    – Hypodermis (DAT, Deep Adipose Tissue), fat storage.

  • Determine the size of muscle groups in millimeters.
  • Evaluate tissues from a qualitative perspective.

Through adipometry, it is also possible to accurately assess body composition. The use of ultrasound technology can almost eliminate:

  • intraoperator error occurrence
  • The pain caused by removing a caliper.

Studies have shown that an adipometer is more accurate than a caliper when compared to a hydrostatic weighing test.

Adipometry is a tool that can be used in multiple disciplines.


It can help to follow the results of a nutrition plan in an accurate way and to track the changes in fat and muscle tissue.

Stratigraphy facilitates communication between patients and doctors. The doctor must focus on fat loss, which does not necessarily correlate with weight loss, preventing the patient from developing a scale-addictive lifestyle

Stratigraphy reports are graphically impactful and extremely useful in terms of motivation and marketing.


An adipometer can be used to conduct tests that are not only focused on body composition but also on meeting previously planned targets. By doing this, training programs can be planned more efficiently.

The Hosand BX 2000 adipometer is also an extremely useful tool to prevent muscle injuries.

It is suitable for fitness centers; it enhances professional communication and helps in delivering information on the work done. Graphically impactful stratigraphy reports assist clients in concretizing their advancements and are an essential marketing tool.


The BX 2000 Adipometer is a non-diagnostic echograph that enables rapid and simple assessment of the patient’s muscle rehabilitation.

Extremely quick during test execution, it is also easy to understand how it works. A few hours of training course are enough to learn how to use it.

The Adipometer is a critical tool in dermatofunctional physiotherapy and physio-aesthetics: through adipose tissue analysis, it is possible to choose the treatments that suit the patient better over time.

The management software allows the creation of personalized stratigraphy reports that mark clients’ actual progress, thus resulting in an excellent marketing strategy tool. 


New Platform Adipometria 2.0

2,5 MHZ probe
Multidevice (tablet/android smartphone, Windows PC, MAC)
Dedicated APP
Storage in cloud
Browser access
Updated automatically to its latest version.
Automatic data backup
Client management both through App and web application.
Body composition assessment (calipometric formula)
Stratigraphic analysis
Qualitative and objective tissue analysis
New stratigraphy indexes
Highly customizable reports
Preserves and enhances the functionalities of the traditional software.

BodyView DeLuxe (old version)

2,5 MHZ probe
Software compatible with Windows and MAC
Client management
Body composition assessment (calipometric formula)
Photo gallery
Stratigraphic analysis
Stratigraphy report and body composition assessment
Qualitative tissue analysis

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