Hosand telemetry system consents to track in real-time heart frequency, internal workload, and metabolic zones during both wet and dry, single and in-team training sessions.

It maximizes training efficacy by mixing training personalization and team preparation.

The associated software consents to organize and analyze methodically and coordinately training sessions. It is a critical instrument to optimize team performance.

Technical specifications

  • The only system in the world to work in the water.
  • Up to 200 m transmission range on the field and up to 100 m underwater.
  • It uses heart rate monitoring standard straps (5Khz).
  • Interchangeable transmission device among athletes.
  • More than 160 minutes of backup storage.
  • 3-athletes minimum kit. A gradual one-module at-time purchase expansion is also possible.

Software specifications

  • Real-time tracking of up to 32 athletes.
  • Up to 6 metabolic zones.
  • Complete management of the athlete’s database (personal details, journal, training session import/export).
  • Group/team organization of athletes both in real-time and in post-analysis.
  • Templates for organizing metabolic zones that can be applied to either one individual athlete or the entire team.
  • Text and vocal comments can be added during team or individual performances.
  • Real-time statistics (max./min. heart rate, standard deviation, calory consumption, time spent in each training zone etc.) and planned target vs real data comparison.
  • Comparison by overlapping the tracks of the same athlete or different athletes.
  • Recorded track editor (cut/paste/reconstruction through Bezier curves parameters/ filters).
  • Advanced group analysis.
  • Customizable report.

Supported Systems

PC Windows XP or higher.


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