Autotest rapido per controllare  livelli di vitamina D. Ideale per uno screening mensile.
In caso di carenza di vitamina D, permette una corretta modulazione dell’integrazione.

The importance of vitamin D for bone health is now well-known and established. Scientific literature agrees in declaring a correct level of vitamin D essential for the prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and some autoimmune diseases.

More recent studies have also demonstrated the importance of vitamin D for athletes.

In case of deficiency, a reduction in metabolic functions and muscle strength can be observed, together with a significant increase in the risk of injuries.

Subjecting the athlete to periodic tests allows us to monitor the level of vitamin D and, in case of deficiency, to intervene promptly with the appropriate supplement.

Thanks to the rapid self-test, the test can be done directly by the athlete, without wasting time and with such frequency as to allow preventive action.

Check your vitamin D level with a quick self-test. It is perfect for monthly screening. In case of vitamin D deficiency, it facilitates proper supplement control.

A simple prick on the finger with the special device contained in the package, a drop of blood and in 10 minutes you will have an indication of the 25-hydroxyvitamin-D, with an easy-to-read semi-quantitative scale (deficient, insufficient, sufficient).

Deficientreference interval 0-10 ng/ml or 0-25 nmol/L
Insufficientreference interval 10-30 ng/ml or 25-75 nmol/L
Satisfactoryreference interval 30-100 ng/ml or 75-250 nmol/L
Clinical evaluation performed by comparing VITAMIN D – RAPID TEST FOR SELF-ANALYSIS with traditional methods of determination of 25-hydroxyvitamin-D. There is a correlation of 94.4%.

The test is sold individually and includes:

  • lancing device
  • alcohol wipe
  • reagent with dropper
  • test board
  • information leaflet
  • color card

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