Confezione da 50 mascherine chirurgicheConfezione da 50 mascherine chirurgiche pediatriche

HRV Basic Kit

A new outlook on heart rate variability

Now, with Hosand’s method it is possible to monitor all changes in ‘overall evaluation grid’ of each athlete: fitness coaches can modulate in advance each workload for each athlete..

Physical activity is one out of existing variables that effects the ‘overall grid’ of an athlete.
With Hosand Recovery Valuation you can verify personal recovery status, such as the day after an intensive training o after a competition.

Hosand Recovery Valuation underline individual reaction using a simple test made at rest.

The test requires very few minutes: fitness coaches can choose between making the test directly ‘on the field’ or giving a  MINIcardio Pro to each athlete asking him/her to make it at home, in a total relax habit, and then download data later on.

Once data has been downloaded into your computer, it only requires to indicate in the training record the precise moment of beginning of the test and the software will execute the data analysis, showing it with an easy reading evaluation grid.

HRV BASIC Kit composition :
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