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MC Campetti


MC Campetti is a new software for coaches: it makes you draw your own workouts in an easy and intuitive way, suitable for all your needs.

Thanks to its smart graphics layout, it lets you underline, with precision, each technical movement which workout is focused on.  It gets each coach ready to create his scheme that would be intuitive and easy to use in the field.

libreria giocatoriThanks to a project of cooperation with football experts, Campetti encodes a large variety of technical movements (dribbling, passing, shooting, moving off the ball), allowing an easier communication between coaches, thanks to software graphical uniformity.

It is also possible to use a freehand drawing feature, to highlight portions of field, as well as draw lines, rectangles, circles, arcs or broken lines.


Thanks to its sharing feature, Campetti lets you post your exercises directly on MasterCalcio, the new web portal dedicated to coaches. But there’s much more to say: you can send your workouts via e-mail, in their original format, making it possible for the receiver (if he uses Campetti, as well) to modify them according to his own needs.


Using the ‘import image’ function, you reach the higher level of software customization.

Each coach can upload and adapt size for his own photos, as an example photos of his players or of challenging teams, or special backgrounds to highline some peculiar exercises, as well as specific tools used during a training session and so on.

All of those customizations can be saved, generating a personal library, thus letting a faster use during following sessions.



  • Draw a line: straight, stroked, dotted, with dashed points or dashed with 2 points.

  • Draw an arrow:

A) Codified : to properly indicate each different technical movement.

B) Personalized : choosing between continuous or wavy style options and managing styles of same kind of lines; with options of a sole arrow at one end or two arrows at each line ends, with one or two nocks.

  • Freehand drawing and rubber to erase some parts.

  • Features to insert rectangles, circles or irregular shapes and to choose their background: clear, colored or with different graphical elements. Options to get colored background or perimeter.

  • Creating and grouping customized objects and then include them  into your personal library for further uses.

  • Drawing arcs of ellipse or circle.

  • Import images.

  • Writing down texts.

  • Adapting the size of object from libraries.

  • Using functions of alignment and fitting layouts of elements.

  • Rotation of  each draw.


  • Save (in original format).

  • Save and export (to save it in JPG, BMP or other formats)

  • Load (allows to upload previously saved or received by e-mail exercises)

  • Print report (allows to print a training session with short remarks)

  • Undo / Redo

  • Copy / Paste

  • Selection keys


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
  • Pentium® III 800 MHz or better
  • RAM 512 MB



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