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Hosand Castle

The software according to coach De Paoli

Hosand Castle is the software that Hosand Technologies created in collaboration with Mister De Paoli and is the software that Hosand Technologies created in collaboration  with Mister De Paoli and Mister Cristi.

The mission of Hosand Castle is to simplify the data collection on the field for all trainers aiming to use the working methodology developed by Mister De Paoli.

Finally, there's a software like Hosand Castle to fill-in all of the forms created by Mister De Paoli, thus allowing a user to take advantage of a database with records of all training sessions that took place during a whole season.  Applications make it possible to search for data, later in time, to analyze the workload and to repeat the very same job in a new training session.

Finally, it is no more the user that have to understand the data organization proposed by a software but it is the software that adapts to user's needs.

Exclusevely for your samurai!

Hosand CASTLE system contains:
  • Castle (data storage module featured by Mr. De Paoli)
  • DataClips (software for data collection)
  • LogBook (software for statistical analysis)
Minimal system requirements:
  • Windows XP OS Service Pack 3 or earlier
  • PC with Pentium® III 800 MHz or better
  • RAM 512 MB

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