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Hosand Technologies is a company whose mission is development of technical products to improve health and physical strenght.

Estabilished in Verbania in 2002 by Raffaele Fasoli, in a few years Hosand Technologies became a well known and esteemed reality by the most important soccer and cycling teams, sport medicine and physical rehabilitation centers, beauty shops and fitness clubs. 

Raffaele Fasoli, technical consultant of the most important italian sport teams and scientific cooperator of eminent foreign universities, after the success he achieved on the electrostimulation field, he decided to challenge himself by developing and producing interactive instruments for physiological parameters monitoring. 

Hosand Technologies' mission consists in offering devices able to ease the workload of professionals engaged in fitness and physical performance improvement. 

Thanks to nerver-ending research commitment and investing in know-how, Hosand Technologies has been able to offer extremely reliable, technologically advanced, and easy to use high quality standards devices, always with respect and preservation of health in mind. 

Hosand Technologies' core business is developing devices that can aid in monitoring heartrate frequency of a group of people using telemetry. Those devices have contributed to the reputation and prestige of made in Italy products in the world. As in Formula 1 races, where a system of sensors monitors the efficency of the car by transmitting parameters to the garage in realtime during the race, Hosand telemetry users have access to state of the art devices that measure heartbeat frequencies in real time. Accurate and exact prameters monitoring allows the professional operator to effectively customize his clients'workout, setting theworkout schedule on the physiological and metabolic characteristics of the person and the objectives that have to be met.


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